Meet our leadership team

Our global organisation has offices in New York, Toronto, Montréal, and Sydney. The business development team works one-on-one with your agency in the field and is supported by member services groups in each country. The marketing team provides strategic plans to suit your business model as well as create and execute tactical products – tailored by country and/or region – that make your agency stand out in the marketplace. Our executive and senior staff teams are accessible, available, and engaged. They have garnered a host of industry kudos – from personal acknowledgements to print and technology awards recognition – and are respected, forward thinkers by their industry peers. Let’s meet the executive leadership:

Lindsay Pearlman  |  Co-President

Lindsay Pearlman

After serving as executive vice president and general manager of Ensemble Canada for four years, Pearlman was appointed co-president of Ensemble Travel Group in January 2011. Prior to joining Ensemble, he held a number of progressive positions at American Express, including director and general manager, travel services network, and served at General Electric in Calgary, where he was responsible for Western Canada’s Fleet Services division. Pearlman excels at building solid relationships as well as marketing, finance, and sales development. He currently serves on several industry advisory boards, including Starwood Hotels & Resorts, and the Association of Canadian Travel Agents (ACTA).

Pearlman is a graduate of Toronto’s York University with a degree in International Relations. Currently residing in Toronto, he has been fortunate to be part of amazing travel opportunities, among them discovering Amazonian jungles, witnessing sunsets in Hong Kong, exploring the vast art collections at St. Petersburg’s Hermitage, and sampling fine wines in the south of France in the company of Ensemble members

Libbie Rice  |  Co-President

Libbie Rice

Rice was appointed co-president of Ensemble Travel Group in January 2011. Her professional background in the travel industry spans more than 15 years, including key roles in the areas of customer relationship management and revenue management at Starwood Hotels & Resorts, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Eos Airlines, and GetThere (a Sabre Company). Just prior to joining Ensemble Travel Group, Rice was vice president of marketing for Over the years, she gained a reputation as an astute and forward thinker in such critical areas as quantitative marketing, revenue management, CRM, and information and social media technologies. She currently serves on the Globus Advisory Board and various ASTA board names/groups.

Rice holds an MBA from Cornell University and an undergraduate degree from U.C. Berkeley. She currently lives in Manhattan. Her passion for travel has led Rice to live in Australia, Belgium, and Hong Kong. She tends to weave in adventurous activities while traveling: summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, canyoning in Slovenia, hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro and, of course, bungee jumping with Ensemble members in Whistler.

Trish Shepherd  |  Senior Vice President & General Manager Australia/New Zealand

Trish Shepherd

Trish Shepherd was appointed Senior Vice President of Ensemble Travel® Group in 2014, leading the expansion into International markets, starting with Australia and New Zealand.

Shepherd has 30 years of travel industry experience with a focus on partnerships and strategic alliances. Prior to joining Ensemble, Shepherd worked with travel companies and agencies to develop business opportunities and franchise programs. Notably, as the Regional Director of American Express’ Travel Service Network, Shepherd oversaw network and franchise model development and significant expansion throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia Pacific region.

Shepherd is a recognis ed industry leader, with a reputation for energetic and passionate advocacy on behalf of her customers and the travel industry. She has a proven ability to drive change, and deliver collaborative, creative leadership in an international business. Her track record of results through sharp, honest and assertive leadership has earned her a strong following throughout the region.

Shepherd studied management at Wollongong University in Australia and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She lives in Sydney, Australia.