Intuitive, results-driven technology platform and tools

What keeps our technology ahead of the curve? It is our dedication to continued innovation – with robust search capabilities, superior navigation, and one-source booking capabilities – on our informative members-only Extranet.

Ensemble Travel® Group’s advanced technology platforms are a bold complement to our cutting-edge marketing. We employ a dynamic three-pronged strategy – an external portal, booking engines, and exclusive agreements with key third-party tech companies – that allows you to conduct your business efficiently and effectively … and as profitably as possible.

Ensemble Member Portal

Ensemble Member Portal

The Ensemble member portal is a powerful website platform for our more than 8,000 users and their network of preferred partners. It is the singular place for everything Ensemble. Key benefits include:

  • Preferred Supplier Directory – easy access to our entire roster of preferred suppliers as well as what they offer, where they operate, how much commission they pay, and how to book Ensemble® Exclusive products with them
  • Intuitive Technology – single point-of-reference houses all the travel information and assets members need to conduct business and make sales
  • Extensive Search Capabilities – functionality streamlines the ability to review hundreds of cruise and land offers and member familiarization trip information, search for suppliers and/or find suppliers by destination, register for specialization and certification training, and access marketing information
  • E-newsletter Archives – allows members to reference the latest and previous weekly Ensemble and supplier communications for hotel, land, and cruise

Booking Engines: Ensemble Express

Members are privy to immediate access to five key booking engines. Each is a perfect-designed tool – especially for those agencies without a GDS or for those who need access to special net-rate pricing.

And with one-click – getting results has never been easier. Sweeping search functionality and the ability to capture all inventory and thousands of Ensemble Travel® Group exclusive offers prove to be major time savers with:

  • Ensemble® Air
  • Ensemble® Cruise
  • Ensemble® Hotel
  • Ensemble® On Location
  • Ensemble® Car